Six Benefits Of Quiet Time

IMG_8463I once heard a mother of 8 talk about how surprised we’d all be at how quiet her house is. Every day they had a quiet time where everyone went to their rooms and were to read and be quiet for a specific amount of time. Once my kids were growing out of the dependency of infancy, I started to enforce a quiet time, too. The more kids I had, the more vital Quiet Time became! We have Quiet Time virtually every day. After a playtime in the afternoon, all the children go to their beds. The littlest ones will nap, while the older ones will read or play quietly. And now, I thank Jesus for Quiet Time, because it’s such a refreshing time of the day!

  1. RESTED MAMA.It gives you a chance to rest! As as a stay-at-home mom, you are on-call 24/7. Any other on-call job will pay you double, while letting you rest until they need you. Don’t feel guilty about taking a nap in the afternoon to get energized. It may take that edge off and allow you to wake up with a little more patience.
  2. SILENCE. It gives you a moment to catch your breath. Drink in that quiet! Even if you’re working during quiet time, you will feel refreshed by that wonderful, giving silence.
  3. TACKLE A PROJECT. It gives you a chance to do that one thing that just can’t be done around the little guys. Do you need to take chemicals out to finish a project or clean the bathroom? Maybe you need to have your thoughts to yourself to read a book, do your devo’s, or write an email.
  4. RESTED CHILDREN. It encourages your tired children to sleep. Everyone knows that tired children are cranky children. Some preschool age children may be phasing out of nap time. If they have quiet time, they have an opportunity to rest or fall asleep if they need to. This usually results in happy, rejuvenated children before dinnertime!
  5. READING. It encourages reading! We all know that reading is a “smart” hobby to form. After all, readers are leaders. I give my preschool and kindergarten-aged children a stack of books and tell them they need to read for the first hour of quiet time. After that, they may draw, color, or play with a couple toys for the remainder of the time.
  6. EXERCISED IMAGINATIONS. It encourages quiet self-entertaining play. For the second hour of quiet time, I usually let my children play with a toy, color, or draw in bed. Whatever it is, they need to be quiet about it. I usually steer away from any sort of media/electronics during this time since I’m aiming to help them exercise their imagination, and increase their ability to self-entertain.

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